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Babor Collagen Booster Ampoules


A set of active concentrates in ampoule form that works as a skin plumper.
Works by stimulating the natural collagen production of the skin to keep it firmer and smoother.
Helps improve the tone, firmness and elasticity of the skin while keeping it plump.
Made with tripeptides, Biosaccharides and NMFs to improve overall firmness while providing moisture and leaving skin smooth.
Aids in reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Everyone has a fear of aging, but with Babur's Ampoule Concentrates FP Anti-Age Collagen Booster Fluid, you can improve skin quality simple and fast no matter how old you are. This active concentrate acts as a skin plumper as it stimulates the natural collagen production of the skin. The skin because more plump from within as the treatment improves the firmness, elasticity and tone. With regular use, you will notice a significant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines while making your skin appear smoother plus it also supplies a film of moisture on the skin for all day hydration. The formula contains tripeptides that aid in collagen production as it also preserves elasticity, while Biosaccharides and NMFs help with moisture supply for smoother skin results. . Go out and about everyday with skin full of life just like it was in your youth and be ready to combat lifeless skin and early signs of wrinkles and aging.