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Babor Lift Express Ampoules


An ampoule concentrate set that is known as an instant skin lifter.
Works effectively in visibly reducing sagging and deep lines.
Gives the skin an instant anti-wrinkle effect while leaving skin smoother and firmer.
Contains a top-quality polymer matrix and peptides plus red microalgae extract known to create younger looking skin by reducing depth of lines, promoting intercellular communication and firming up the tissue.
An effective active concentrate treatment that is easy to use and produces great results.

Don't let go of yourself and stop caring once you're getting older. With Babur's Ampoule Concentrates FP Anti-Age Lift Express Fluid you have an instant skin lifter that works effectively to reduce depth of lines and minimize sagging. The active concentrate formula gives you an anti-wrinkle effect that visibly works. It is made of a top-quality polymer matrix together with some peptides and red microalgae extract which give a firming and smoothing effect on the skin as it reduces deep lines, promotes intercellular communication and firms up the tissue. Nothing beats a reliable treatment that produces visible results for fresher and younger looking skin.