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CLEAR Synergy Spray


Shira Synergy Sprays® harness the ancient power of pure essential oils and CBD to invite vibrant wellness and transformative shifts into your life. Simply spray 2-3 times around your face into your hands, cup over your nose, and inhale deeply. Yeah baby… now we’re talking!

Shira Synergy Sprays® are proprietary blends of pure, organic, and all natural essential oil formulations with broad spectrum, nano-amplified technology, and full plant hemp extract.

In addition to high quality CBD and essential oils, each blend also contains polysorbate 20 (a plant-based dispersing agent) and distilled water as ingredients.

Shira Synergy Sprays® are are intoxicating indulgence — the ultimate staycation for mind, body, and soul.

Use am and pm or whenever you need a dose of “ahhhh.”


Clear Ingredients: CBD, pure essential oils of White Fir, Rosemary Verbenon, Himalayan Cedarwood, White Sage


Available in our Spa Boutique