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  • Lavender Spa Eye Mask

Lavender Spa Eye Mask


These spa eye masks are all hand-made of excellent quality fabrics and the highest grade ingredients available. Inserts are billowed to allow even distribution of contents for even heat.  Flax seed holds the temperature for a moist, deep penetrating heat to open capillaries allowing increased blood flow, warming and relaxing muscles while the lavender essential oils relaxes and freshens the air.
Spritzers are available to refresh your choice of essential oils.

Use and care: Microwaves vary in power. Heat for 30 seconds full power. Heat in no more than 5 second additional intervals until desired temperature is reached. Freeze for cold therapy.
Inserts are filled with flax seed for heat retention and infused with pure lavender essential oils for aromatherapeutic benefits.
Cover fabric is lavender in color, luxurious & silky soft and resembles real mink in touch. Cold water washable, tumble dry low.