Oasis Day Spa Dewberry & Sea Kelp Hand and Body Lotion


Available for use in our ladies’ and men’s lounges, now you can take home the Oasis Day Spa Dewberry and Sea Kelp lotion! This luxurious body lotion is fortified with a rich blend of sweet almond oil, botanical extracts and vitamins A and E to ensure soft, silky smooth skin, delivering beautiful glide, rich hydration, plus minerals and vitamins to reduce signs of aging. This thick and creamy moisturiser will enrich, hydrate and naturally protect while repairing the tone and texture of your skin.

Our lotion is free of Laurel and Laureth Sulfates, alcohol, and DEA, Parabens,TEA, Dyes and Synthetic Fragrance. This healthy concotion contains pure botanical extracts and essential oils.

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